After nearly a decade of radio silence, hip hop producer E.Cole I found opportunity during the pandemic to reenter the rap universe with a matured skill set as a rapper. Having spent the preceding years failing to gain significant traction in online beat sales, he felt little fulfillment in a system favoring quantity over quality and instead took the Do-It-Yourself approach by shouldering all songwriting, lyrical, and production duties to bring his works to life. 

E.Cole I started rapping and producing in the mid-2000s as a member of a small town CT-based rap group. After the group disbanded by the end of the decade, E.Cole I went the traditional career-family route and in recent years produced under the pseudonym "Hit Me Beats" before eventually reverting to his rapper alias.

E.Cole I's production style predominately caters to the indie and underground hip hop scene, as his beats feature punchy, front-and-center drum sounds. His lyrics showcase his humorous personality while covering relatable topics through satire. By combining his production and lyrical talents on the same tracks, he can broadcast a fuller picture of his creativity.