Songs On My Laptop (Digital Download)

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Digital Download (includes WAV and mp3 files)

After a 10+ year hiatus in making music to focus on life's affairs, E.Cole I's debut album came to fruition at the onset of the COVID pandemic as a personal creative outlet. After failing to gain significant traction with online beat sales, E.Cole I decided to shake the rust off his rapping skills by taking the Do-It-Yourself approach shouldering all songwriting, lyrical, and production duties to bring his works to life.  The hard-hitting beats with vintage textures provide the perfect backdrop for E.Cole I's clever wordplay and lyrical delivery across the collection of tracks. "Songs On My Laptop" symbolically brings it all together to mirror his own trials and experiences creating this album. The 10-track LP is perfect for hip hop heads yearning for nostalgic vibes powered by flair and creativity.